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Whether you’re new to Pilates or have been doing it for years, there is a class you’ll love at Club Pilates Scarsdale. Recently, Scarsdale Moms tried this fantastic workout out for the very first time—and we might be hooked. Not only was it fun (while working out on the Reformer equipment was definitely challenging, it sort of felt like being back on the playground), we fell in love with the supportive atmosphere. Although the class was full of people who had clearly been there before (we got in off the waitlist), everyone was welcoming, from the person at the front desk to the woman working out across from us who kept encouraging us. After taking our class, we spoke with Heather Rhyu, owner of Club Pilates Scarsdale and Club Pilates Ardsley, and soon to be mom-of-three, to learn more about this popular workout.


How would you describe Club Pilates Scarsdale for people who haven’t visited yet?
Club Pilates is a reformer-based boutique Pilates studio, offering group classes and private sessions. We play music during classes, have amazing instructors and our classes are fun and challenging!


We would agree—definitely fun but also very challenging! What separates you from other studios?
We are a contemporary studio that specializes in reformer classes but we also offer fusion classes such as Barre-Reformer, TRX-Reformer and Pilates bootcamp. All of our classes incorporate the reformer in some way but some are all Pilates and some are half half. Something for everyone!


Fantastic! Can you please share why you opened these clubs?
I was working on Wall Street, pregnant with my 2nd child, when I started thinking about ways I could have more flexibility and time at home with my kids. I stumbled upon the Club Pilates franchise, did a ton of research, and ultimately decided that there was a need for a fun, new Pilates studio in Westchester. The rest is history! I own two studios in Westchester and will be opening a 3rd in the spring.


Wow! You’re about to have your third baby—congrats! How do you balance being a business owner and mom?
Since opening my first studio, I have never looked back. Yes, owning a business is hard work and very stressful at times but I would never have the luxury of working from home, the flexibility and added time I have with my kids that I have now if I had stayed in my previous career. I don’t really have a lot of work-life balance because owning a business, you don’t get days off but I can’t complain!


Who is Pilates best for?
Pilates is for everyBODY! Anyone can do Pilates. Whether you are male, female, young, old, very fit or never worked out a day in your life, you can do Pilates. It is a practice and you can start at any time. Today, an 80 year old woman signed up for classes!



Why is Pilates particularly great for Postpartum exercise?
Pilates is a great workout for new mamas for a few reasons. It is low impact so once a new mom is cleared to exercise, it is a safe form of exercise she can do. Pilates is all about your core, which we moms know need a little work after having a baby! Many new moms choose to take privates so they can work one-on-one with an instructor, focusing on strengthening their core and pelvic floor.


Does your studio have classes good for people who haven’t worked out in awhile?
Yes. At Club Pilates, we have different levels of classes so if someone hasn’t worked out in a long time (or ever!), they would want to start with our free intro class or a Reformer Flow 1 class, which is meant for beginners. As they progress in their practice, they will move into intermediate 1.5 classes and eventually advanced 2.0 classes!


Please describe how Pilates can change your body.
Pilates is all about creating long and lean muscles, building core strength, improving posture and flexibility and so much more. We have a saying at Club Pilates that in the first month, you’ll feel a difference, in the second month, you’ll see a difference in your body and in the third month, you’ll have a Pilates body! We recommend taking 2-3 classes per week to see the best results.


To book a free trial class at Club Pilates, click here, email [email protected]or call 914 449 4411. Club Pilates Scarsdale is located at 365 Central Park Ave.


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