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Dr. Jason Weissler


Did you know that one in eight women in the United States develops breast cancer in her lifetime? As a result, roughly 3.8 million women in the U.S. are survivors of breast cancer, and this number is expected to continually increase.

Early detection is crucial for a good outcome after a breast cancer diagnosis, and that includes mammograms, self-exams and screening tests for those with increased risk. (For more early diagnosis tips and signs to watch for, visit

For women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, surgery may be part of the treatment. “In women with breast cancer, the selection of the initial surgical procedure is influenced by the cancer’s stage at the time of diagnosis. With early-stage cancer, more than half of women undergo breast-conserving surgery, and one third undergo mastectomy,” says Dr. Jason Weissler of Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology. He adds: “With more advanced breast cancer, if surgery is performed, mastectomy is carried out in over 50% of patients, and breast-conserving therapy is used minimally.”

Because mastectomy can offer the best chance for long-term survival, and some women who undergo breast conversation therapy are ultimately unhappy with their cosmetic results, breast reconstruction is in high demand—and Dr. Weissler and his world-class team are ready to help.

“The mastectomy defect can be devastating both physically and psychologically, and numerous studies have documented a significant improvement in self-confidence and mental health following breast reconstruction. In 2018 just over 100,000 patients received breast reconstruction,” says Dr. Weissler, who performs breast reconstruction as well as other cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive procedures at his surgical centers across Long Island, in Manhattan and Scarsdale.

Dr. Weissler recently moved back to Long Island with his family after completing a 6-year residency at Mayo Clinic. He is looking forward to helping women look and feel their best, saying “If you have any questions about breast surgery including mastectomy and breast reconstruction, or have any cosmetic, plastic or reconstructive needs, I am happy to speak with you as well as see you for a complimentary consultation.”

Please call the office at 516-364-4200, email [email protected], or go to to request your complimentary consultation. 


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