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One of the most critical decisions for many parents is how to determine the optimal childcare solution for your family.  For some families, at-home childcare may be the best option.  Allyson Bronner, Scarsdale Mom and Head of Family Advocacy for Morgan Stanley Institutional, created this Interview Guide to assist parents in the process of identifying the right person to join their family.

By Allyson Bronner, Head of Family Advocacy
Morgan Stanley Institutional


Interview Questions

  • Tell me about your experience taking care of children. Why did you decide to get into child care? How many years and what type of experience do you have? How long were you at each position? What ages were the children? Infants?
  • Tell me about your most recent position. How long were you there? Why did you leave?
  • What have you enjoyed most and least in your previous jobs?
  • What if any type of formal training do you have (baby nurse, CPR certification, etc.)?
  • Are you up to date on your vaccinations (annual flu shot, TDAP, MMR, etc.)?
  • Given my child’s age, what types of activities would you do with them during the day?
  • What types of developmental and educational activities will you do with my child to help them meet their milestones?
  • What types of meals do you prepare for children (if applicable) and are you comfortable making bottles and homemade baby food?
  • What is your view on discipline?
  • What type of safety measures/precautions do you take? Indoors? Outdoors?
  • Tell me about a time you had to deal with a child’s meltdown (if toddler or school aged) and how you handled the situation. Have you worked with a colicky baby – and how?
  • Have you ever handled an emergency? What did you do?
  • Are you comfortable receiving open feedback from parents?
  • Are you flexible to work earlier or later than the agreed-on hours if necessary?
  • Can you ever stay the night?
  • Do you have the flexibility to travel with us?
  • Do you have a US Driver’s License?  Have you ever driven children before?
  • How would you travel to and from our home?
  • If you have children yourself, what do you do for child care? What is the protocol for your family if your child needs to stay home sick from school, etc.?
  • Are you comfortable with pets?
  • Are you comfortable doing light housekeeping or cooking (If that is important to you)?
  • Do you have any medical conditions that will interfere with your work?
  • Can you please share references?

Additional Considerations


  • How many hours do you need per day and what is a general schedule?
  • Will you offer paid time-off for vacation and sick leave?
  • What is the maximum hourly and overtime rate you can pay?
  • Will you pay for transportation home if caregiver stays after hours?
  • Will you cover the caregiver’s monthly transportation costs?
  • Will you be responsible for the cost of a background check?

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