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By Hannah McMahon. Photos by Kelly Postiglione.

It’s often said that being a mom is a full-time job, but as life goes on and more responsibilities begin to pile up, I’m clocking more than 40 hours a week… and that’s not including my day job. Moms- let’s face it: on top of everything else we have going on, the pressure to cook dinner 7 nights a week is just too much.

If you are an overachiever mom like I am, you may feel a twinge of resistance when someone suggests an easier way to do things…but what if I told you there’s a short-cut that doesn’t compromise any of the authentic elements you love about doing things all on your own?

A few months ago, I was nearing burnout and decided to begin a membership with Feast & Fettle– a meal delivery service that had recently started delivering to Westchester County. This seemed like a logical, simple solution, but my stubbornness led me to make a promise to myself that it would only be a temporary one.

Upon getting my first delivery, I opened the insulated cooler bag to reveal a luxury I had not known since living with my parents: a home cooked dinner that did not require me to prep, plan, shop, cook, or clean. All I had to do was pre-heat the oven and, voila! Dinner is served.

Time effectiveness had been the primary reason why I decided to give Feast & Fettle a try, but since starting my membership, I have continued to find more reasons to dine F&F style.

When I looked at Feast & Fettle’s website and saw just how healthy their ingredients are, I was doubly sold. Not only does Feast & Fettle not use artificial preservatives or unprocessed ingredients in their recipes, but they take great measures to ensure that their meat, eggs, and dairy are ethically sourced and come from places where the health of the food is guaranteed. Also, the meals are delivered, not shipped, so there’s no need to worry about a long and treacherous journey that might impact the food’s quality.

At this point, you’re probably wondering about the actual experience of the meal, so let’s jump into the third reason I’m sold on Feast & Fettle. At the risk of my grandma rolling around in her grave, after tasting the Sweet Corn & Ricotta Ravioli with Fresh Tomato we had for dinner last week, I dare to say her cooking has some competition. Feast & Fettle also has a specialized kids’ menu with a large range of options so that your pickiest eater won’t cause a fuss, and your adventurous eater will be promised an exciting range of new tastes.

Our kiddos have even been inspired to give new foods a try since starting our membership. My husband and I had to quickly hide our smiles when our eldest declared one dinner that he likes Brussels sprouts! Feast & Fettle meals are prepared in such an appetizing manner that kids’ public enemy number 1 (vegetables) become enticing enough to try and tasty enough to ask for a heaping of seconds!

I also love that Feast & Fettle is working hard to minimize their environmental impact and have partnered with TerraCycle. While they work on putting together a reusable container system, they are currently collecting their sanitized plastic containers which will be picked up at their facility and recycled by TerraCycle.

Finally, when doing anything online, I’m a sucker for a user-friendly interface. Lucky for me, Feast & Fettle’s website is laid out in a simple and accessible way so there is no confusion in finding all the information needed to get started on a membership. You can select a meal plan for singles, couples, or families and customize how many meals per week you would like.

To recap, here are the reasons why Feast & Fettle has become the gold standard for dinner in my household:

  1. TIME EFFECTIVE. Not having to carve out the time to not only cook dinner, but plan what to make, go grocery shopping, and then clean up the mess has been a godsend.


  1. NUTRITIOUS. All meals are made with real ingredients with no artificial preservatives, hormones, or GMOs.


  1. DELICIOUS. My boys and I are already looking forward to the shepherd’s pie that’s set to come next week!


  1. VERSATILE. Say hello to recurring staple meals, as well as new and exciting dishes!


  1. USER FRIENDLY. The website is easy to access and set up a membership.

Oh, and remember that little promise I made to myself about this being a “temporary” solution? Well, it looks like I’ll have to go back on that one because this membership is sticking around.

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